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VIL Journal Publications: 2010

  1. Li F, Yarnykh VL, Hatsukami TS, Chu B, Balu N, Wang J, Underhill HR, Zhao X, Smith R, Yuan C. Scan-Rescan Reproducibility of Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaque Morphology and Tissue Composition Measurements using Multi-Contrast MRI at 3T. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 2010; 31(1):168-176.
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  3. Ota H, Yarnykh VL, Ferguson MS, Underhill HR, Demarco JK, Zhu DC, Oikawa M, Dong L, Zhao X, Collar A, Hatsukami TS, Yuan C. Carotid intraplaque hemorrhage imaging at 3.0-T MR imaging: comparison of the diagnostic performance of three T1-weighted sequences. Radiology. 2010 Feb;254(2):551-63.
  4. Dong L, Underhill HR, Yu W, Ota H, Hatsukami TS, Gao TL, Zhang Z, Oikawa M, Zhao X, Yuan C. Geometric and Compositional Appearance of Atheroma in an Angiographically Normal Carotid Artery in Patients with Atherosclerosis. American Journal of Neuroradiology, 2010 Feb;31(2):311-6 [2009; Sept. Epublished ahead of print]
  5. Underhill HR, Yuan C, Yarnykh VL, Chu B, Oikawa M, Dong L, Polissar NL, Garden GA, Cramer SC, Hatsukami TS. Predictors of surface disruption with MR imaging in asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis. American Journal of Neuroadiology. 2010 Mar;31(3):487-93 [2009; Oct. 15 Epublished ahead of print].
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  7. Underhill HR, Hatsukami TS, Cai J, Yu W, DeMarco JK, Polissar NL, Ota H, Zhao X, Dong L, Oikawa M, Yuan C. A Noninvasive Imaging Approach to Assess Plaque Severity: The Carotid Atherosclerosis Score (CAS). American Journal of Neuroradiology. January 21, 2010 – Epub ahead of print.
  8. Wang J, Yarnykh VL, Yuan C. Enhanced image quality in black-blood MRI using the improved motion-sensitized driven-equilibrium (iMSDE) sequence. J Magn Reson Imaging. 2010 May;31(5):1256-63.
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  11. Teng Z, Canton G, Yuan C, Ferguson M, Yang C, Huang X, Zheng J, Woodard PK, Tang D. 3D critical plaque wall stress is a better predictor of carotid plaque rupture sites than flow shear stress: An in vivo MRI-based 3D FSI study. J Biomech Eng. 2010 Mar;132(3):031007
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