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Our Bruker 4.7T, 35cm. bore magnet is equipped with high-speed 100 mT/m gradients and a Varian spectrometer console.  This system is capable of high speed and high-resolution imaging and broadband spectroscopy.  It is utilized for human limb experiments (muscle energetics, perfusion, and physiology), animal studies, and in vitro imaging and spectroscopy.

4.7T magnet


Our 7T, 7.5 cm vertical bore magnet is equipped with a Varian console identical to that in the 4.7T system, allowing software and pulse sequences developed on one system to be readily transportable to the other.  This system is used primarily for broadband spectroscopy studies.  It has also been fitted with special gradient and RF hardware designed and built in the Metabolic Spectroscopy Laboratory.  Using this hardware, we can obtain MR microscopy images with <40 micron resolution.

7T magnet