Research Tools

The Imaging Research Lab develops numerous software tools to facilitate basic science imaging research.  Several of these tools are simulation packages, including the analytic wholebody PET simulator (ASIM) and a general nuclear medicine Monte Carlo photon tracking package, SimSET.  As a public domain package, SimSET is widely used in the nuclear medicine community to optimize protocols and explore novel scanner designs.

Software Tools


SimSET is a simulation package designed to model both PET and SPECT imaging systems. This Monte Carlo package simulates physical effects including: photon transport in objects (e.g., models of humans and animals); scatter and attenuation in collimators and shields, energy deposition in detector systems; and modeling of coherent scatter, positron range, and annihilation photon non-collinearity. The SimSET package is available on the web

and is provided to the academic community as public domain software with over 166 users in more than 90 laboratories around the world.


FusionViewer ( is an open source medical image display package developed by Insightful and the Imaging Research Laboratory. It is designed to improve the physician's ability to interpret the results of combined positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) studies. This software is a display application for facilitating and improving visualization.



Multiviewer is a image volume viewer written in the IDL language. It runs on all platforms, and IDL currently runs on, including Windows, Linux, Compaq Alpha, and Mac OS X.  With the IDL virtual machine (available since version 6.0 of IDL), Multiviewer can be used without an IDL. license