Health Services Research Center

Director: Jerry Jarvik, M.D.

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  • Studies of the impact of radiological techniques on diagnostic confidence
  • Studies of the impact of radiological techniques on medical decision making, including the choice of therapy or further diagnostic work-up
  • Studies of the effect of radiological techniques on patient outcomes (e.g., survival, morbidity)
  • Studies that measure the work flow, utilization, cost, or cost-effectiveness of radiological techniques (e.g., operations research, prediction rules, cost and outcomes)

The focus of the Health Sciences Research Section of the Department of Radiology is to facilitate academic interest in HSR within the Department, provide mentorship to junior faculty, fellows, and residents with interest in HSR, as well as enhance education of residents, fellows and faculty in research methodology and non-interpretive skills.  Furthermore, we wish to promote interdisciplinary health services research collaboration with investigators outside of the Department and outside of the University of Washington.  Activities in furtherance of these goals include: