UW-FHCRC Translational Bioimaging Center (TBIC)


The Translational BioImaging Center (TBIC) provides state of the art animal imaging equipment, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), micro positron emission tomography (PET), ultrasound, optical imaging, SPECT/gamma camera and primate PET to support the wide range of scientific projects within the University of Washington (UW) - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC) Cancer Consortium. This program is funded by resources available at FHCRC, UW Radiology, and the Washington National Primate Research Center for UW-FHCRC Cancer Consortium members. A hallmark of successful interdisciplinary imaging research is the assemblage of investigators from diverse backgrounds around promising imaging technologies, with further development of new scientific tools as well as novel applications of old ones to achieve effective shared resource and research objectives. TBIC is operating under this vision and will provide an essential role in support of the Consortium's research.


The TBIC supports and facilitates imaging research for members of the Cancer Consortium using resources available at FHCRC and UW in collaboration with multi-disciplinary imaging research groups specialized in respective imaging technologies. The TBIC provides services including:

  • Support for animal imaging using equipment available to the Consortium
  • Consultation for the effective use of imaging for specific research projects
  • Training and education in imaging research
  • Facilitation of the development of new imaging technologies
  • Infrastructural support for animal imaging research
  • Strategic acquisition of new imaging devices


The TBIC Core resources are allocated at FHCRC. Other resources are accessible through centers, shared resources, and laboratories in the Department of Radiology, Washington National Primate Research Center, and the Department of Bioengineering.

Optical Imaging (Xenogen IVIS) FHCRC small animals
Ultrasound (Visual Sonics Vevo 2100) FHCRC small/large animals
Specimen Radiography (MX-20) FHCRC small animals
ICG optical imaging (Hamamatsu) UW HSB small animals
3T MRI (Philips Achieva) UW HSB small/large animals
4.7T MRI / MRS (Varian) UW HSB small/large animals
MicroPET (Siemens Inveon) UW HSB small animals
Primate PET (Hamamatsu) UW HSB large animals
Optical Imaging/OCT (In-House Production) UW Foege small animals
3T MRI (Philips Achieva) UW SLU small/large animals
14T MRI / MRS UW SLU small animals
PET / CT (Philips) UW HMC small animals

Core Members

Robert Miyaoka, Ph.D. (Director, UW Radiology)

Paul Woloshin, Ph.D. (Vice President of FHCRC Shared Resources)

Rajesh K. Uthamanthil, DVM, PH.D., DACLAM (Director, FHCRC Comparative Medicine)

Charles Frevert, Ph.D. (UW Comparative Medicine)

Donghoon Lee, Ph.D. (UW Radiology)

Ruikang Wang, Ph.D. (UW Bioengineering)


Please contact Laura Grant (grantl2@uw.edu) for general questions.

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