Research Directory

Bio-Molecular Imaging Center - Dr. Chun Yuan, Director

CHDD Small Animal Imaging Center (SAIC) - Dr. Donna Cross, Director

Dager Neuroimaging Research Laboratory - Dr. Stephen Dager, Director

DISC / MR Research Laboratory - Dr. Kenneth Maravilla, Director

Health Services Research Center - Dr. Jerry Jarvik, Director

Image-Guided Bio-Molecular Intervention - Dr. Xiaoming Yang, Director

Imaging Research Laboratory - Dr. Paul Kinahan, Director

Integrated Brain Imaging Center - Dr. Thomas Grabowski, Director

Mammography & Breast Imaging - Dr. Constance Lehman, Section Head

Metabolic Spectroscopy Laboratory - Dr. Martin Kushmerick, Director

MicroPET Imaging Laboratory - Dr. Robert Miyaoka, Director

Mitochondrion Medicine - Drs. Kevin Conley and David Marcinek, Co-Directors

Molecular Imaging Center - Drs. Janet Eary and Kenneth Krohn, Co-Directors

MRI Electronics Laboratory - Dr. Cecil Hayes, Director

Neuroimaging & Biotechnology Laboratory - Dr. Donna Cross, Director

PET CT Imaging Research Laboratory - Dr. Hubert Vesselle, Director

Quantitative Breast Imaging Laboratory - Savannah Partridge, PhD - P.I.

WaNPRC Primate PET Imaging Laboratory - Dr. Donna Cross, Director

UW-Fred Hutch Translational Bioimaging Center (TBIC) - Dr. Robert Miyaoka, Director

Vascular Imaging Laboratory - Dr. Chun Yuan, Co-Director