Jeffrey Jarvik, MD, MPH

Jeffrey Jarvik, MD, MPH

  • Professor, Neuroradiology
Phone: (206) 744-3561


Professor of Radiology and Neurological Surgery

Adjunct Professor, Health Services, Pharmacy and Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Director, Radiology Health Service Research Section

Director, Comparative Effectiveness, Cost and Outcomes Research Center


Dr. Jarvik is Professor of Radiology and Neurological Surgery as well as adjunct Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, Health Services in the School of Public Health, and Pharmacy in the School of Pharmacy. He also serves as Director of the Radiology Health Services Research Section as well as the Comparative Effectiveness, Cost and Outcomes Research Center (CECORC). He has a combination of training in diagnostic Neuroradiology as well as in clinical study design/health services research, having obtained his MPH from the University of Washington in Health Services while a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar. Dr. Jarvik is a former recipient of the GE-AUR Radiology Research Academic Fellowship (GERRAF), a career development award. Dr. Jarvik is an internationally recognized expert in MR imaging of the spine as well as in the field of outcomes research as it relates to radiology. He has written numerous articles on the relationship of MR findings with clinical outcome. Dr. Jarvik was the senior author of the randomized controlled trial, Investigational Vertebroplasty Safety and Efficacy Trial (INVEST) published in the New England Journal of Medicine. He was the PI and lead author on a comparative effectiveness evaluation of carpal tunnel surgery published in The Lancet and senior author of a study investigating the treatment of spinal stenosis in the elderly published in JAMA. Dr. Jarvik is an investigator of the NIH Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory for whom he leads a pragmatic cluster randomized trial focused on patients with low back pain.

Selected Publications:

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