Most reliable way? Email us at

UW Radiology Web Services views, collaborates on, and works with website tickets throughout each day.

There is also a link at the very bottom of every web page, called "Request features or report problems with this website." I don't recommend that because it is too easy to click on link #1 instead, and that goes to an administrative mailbox and we will not see your request.

  • Error Messages

If the website gives you an Error Message, please copy and paste the message itself into the text of your ticket email! This will help us help you much faster. Error messages are the software's attempt to tell us what happened and why, and we like to listen. It also helps us gather data about error patterns and their resolution.

  • Content Changes

If your ticket regards basic content-editing, such as adding and editing a page to a section under your management, Mary Giles will respond to your ticket and send you instructions (or a link to instructions) so that you can make your changes as you like.

  • Why submit a ticket, rather than contacting team members directly?

Certainly for urgent matters, contact us directly! Normally however we use a ticketing system so we can calculate and account for all our time, and how it is spent. The FogBugz ticketing system can classify the many different kinds of website work, and can count how many minutes it takes us to resolve each problem. This way we can run reports to track user requests, page activity, areas to work on in the future, and our manpower needs so we can document how much staff time it takes to do this work.

This also provides a centralized record of our correspondence with you; team members refer to and discuss this list during our shifts.

  • Can you edit the contents of my site? I have some changes that need to be made immediately.

We do like to help, and we regret very much that we are not able to give help with everything, but our assignment here is to write up tutorials and to give phone and email assistance so that people can edit their own pages. What we have to do here is fix problems with the performance of the site.