Wiki: How can we add one for my team?

Most of the time, the meaning of the word "wiki" would include a website which anyone at all can come along and edit in any way they like.

Here at Radiology we've devised another option with good results. That is for a team to select members and a project, then designate a member to create an ordinary Plone page, then apply to us at Web Services to give page editing rights to those team members only. That way anyone on the team can add and share their contributions. When a member leaves the Department, we can simply edit the group's access configuration to reflect the change.

If you do create a group page, and if you open an editing session, please always Save or Cancel your work with every change you make before you view or open any other browser tab. Otherwise, when another team member goes to edit the page, the message will come up that you have locked the document; no one else will be able to change the page. (And if others do find themselves locked out, two possible fixes are to click the unlock tab on their screen, or else at the very end of the url shown in the window of the browser, they can add these 5 characters <  /edit  > and hit Enter.)