Ownership: Your Name as Page Creator

When you open a page, right below the title there should be a "by..." line, showing the name or the Net ID of the person who created that page.

If you take over responsibility for editing a page, you can place your own name in the by-line. Click Edit. Right above the page Title field, there should be 5 boxes in the center of the screen. Click the 4th one (Ownership). Add your name to the Creators field. Click Save. Now your name should appear in the byline.

This is a good way to let readers know that you are the person to contact in case of questions about content. In many cases, these names are of hard-working former staff members who created lots of pages, but are no longer with the department. We might as well edit these names, so that readers will know who still works here and is actively creating and editing!

Access: Ownership byline info is not connected to editing access in any way! If you want to add or delete editing rights for someone, adding/deleting that person's name will have no effect on that person's editing rights! Only the Webmaster can adjust editing access, or add/remove staff members as editors.