Net ID, Shared, Requesting

If you have materials to share with a group of students or visitors who are not members of UWMC Radiology and do not have a UW net ID, Please consider instead issuing the materials on a CD, or loaning students a thumb drive with the material. This is much more secure.

If you really do need to issue a temporary net ID to visitors, you can request one here:  request a new net ID . We've heard that the approval process takes about an hour or less. For the sake of security, be sure to request "Net ID level" security access, not "Member Only" access -- we need to protect the materials which are used by Radiology members only.

  • Choose intuitive ID names for the visitors so it is easy to remember who they are for. Keep a list of them!
  • Email Web Services the urls of the materials to be viewed.
  • Tell us the date limit for when the temp IDs should be made invalid again.
  • Tell us on that date to remove their access!


Make sure that the Privacy State of your material for visitors is at Net ID level (teal, or else gray color coded), NOT Member Only (green) level.

Note: In the past, we did assist with issuing a shared ID and shared log-on for an entire group. But this is not conducive to security, and it was under a different (Catalyst-based) web system, so we no longer do this. The problem is that anyone who has ever had this id will then be able to log in during future sessions.