Locked Page


You may open a page to edit it, and see a message that a colleague has locked that page for editing. If the colleague opened the page a few minutes ago, you might consider trying again a little later. But if the message shows that the colleague started editing, say, 8 months ago, it is probably safe to click the UNLOCK box.

What if you click UNLOCK, but the Locked message remains?

Look at the url. At the very end of the url, type in /edit (slash edit) and hit Enter.

If the page is still locked, you could email the url to the colleague and ask him or her to open the page and Save or Cancel, or failing that to actually make one tiny change, un-do it, and Save, or failing THAT to add the  /edit  to the end of his or her url, then hit Enter.

Still locked? Contact us and WE will add /edit to the url and reload the page.


Sometimes you will see the message that an entire folder is locked. This can happen when any item in that folder has been locked. From the url, delete the string folder_contents, and replace it with edit.


The moral of this story: 

Use Save or Cancel buttons before leaving a page! If you make any change, any, at all, please always click Save or Cancel at the bottom of the page. Otherwise you will accidentally lock the page, and your teammates will not be able to edit it, and they will need to call us. It's a common situation. If you have many open tabs in your browser, it's easy to click on some other tab and wander off your page, then close all your tabs at day's end without really saving the page. Usually your teammates can click Unlock to release the page, but they may not know that and sometimes extra tech support tricks will be needed. (There actually is a lock function in Plone, but that's another discussion.) By the way, if you see the message "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?" press OK if you DO want to leave the page (without saving your work), or press Cancel if you want to stay on the page, and then press Save or Cancel at the bottom.