Links, External


To create a link to any web page outside the Radiology website,

Copy to your clipboard the url of the destination web page. Open the origin page. Click Edit. Select a word or phrase of text, or an image, which will serve as the label or portal to your destination page. (After you create the link, that phrase will appear highlighted as hypertext.) On the Kupu editing toolbar, click on the icon showing the Planet Earth. (It’s the 14th icon from the left.)

The External Link box opens. In the field "Link the highlighted text to this URL," paste the url of the destination web page. (You may need to first backspace over the http:// in this field.) Click Preview to verify that the external page is the correct destination. Click OK.


To cancel the link before saving, point at the new hypertext link and right-click your mouse. Choose “undo.”

Breaking any Link

If you have inserted any of these link to your webpage, to break the connection to the linked content,

  • Choose Edit mode
  • Look at your hyperlink; click anywhere on the text or image which you highlighted to create the link;
  • see the tiny red "X" appearing at the far right of the Kupu editing green-frame (see screen shot below);
FAQs Break Link Red X


Click this link, and Save. The hypertext quality of the text should disappear, and the link should be broken.

Why not just delete the text label? Because this reliable 70% of the time, but there are random exceptions where the link will still operate even though the text does not look hypertexted, and also because in many cases you really want to preserve your text label and remove the link but keep the text.