Kupu, Setting as Your Default Editor

We recommend that everyone designate Kupu as the visual editor for showing changes.

(For those of you who prefer using html: we still recommend Kupu, since it collaborates fairly easily with programs such as MSWord. Besides, Kupu has an html feature; you can switch between the two any time you like. Just open your page > Edit, and in the Kupu bar select HTML. To switch back to Kupu, hit HTML again  or press Save or Cancel for a default Kupu view.)

Choosing Kupu:

Log in.

Click "My Folder," upper right corner of your screen.

Click Edit. When the Edit Person page opens, click User Settings.

Under Content Editor, select Kupu. Save.

Note: According to www.learnplone.org, "The Safari browser will not work with the page editor in Plone due to a known bug in the browser. At this time Safari has not announced a fix."