My Folder, Editing

About My Folder

What is My Folder?

  • A workspace for website editors to add and edit documents or other items, before posting; and,
  • A place to store your individual contact information, which will then be accessed and displayed on the Radiology Personnel page at

    Note: the Personnel section is published for public viewing, and be viewed by absolutely anyone on the internet. It is customary to enter your name, and your UW email, because those are necessary for certain website functions (such as email notifications when you submit a form.) But think about your confidentiality preferences before you enter the optional telephone, office address, photograph, CV, and more. If you have special confidentiality considerations, there are options for placing your information on the website in a more protected manner.  Please contact Radiology Web Services at to find out more. 

Is My Folder secure?

Contents of your folder can be accessed and changed only through your UWNetID and password. In addition, when you create a page or other item, you can set the State to Private using the instructions below. Private state means that no one (except the web support team) will be able to view the contents until you change the state. By the way, after you finish creating or updating content, use the instructions below to set the state of all content items, including photos, to Public or to Members Only; otherwise no one will be able to view them.

How do I open My Folder?

Log on to the Radiology website. At the top of the page your name should appear, followed by these choices:

MyFolder Personal Bar

Click on My Folder to open your page under Radiology Personnel. It should show your name, UW email, and office phone. Click Edit. This opens the page Edit Person, with eight information tabs:

MyFolder Edit Person


My Folder, Accessing

If you log on to the website and on the top right you see your own Net ID appearing, but you do not see your full name there and do not see the link My Folder on the top right, it means that you like most UW faculty and staff have a level of access known as "Net ID." This allows you to view more items than the public can view, but you will not be able to view most things and will not be able to write or edit anything at all. If you work for Radiology, you ought to be given a My Folder personnel listing which you can freely edit as you like. If My Folder does not appear, check this by finding the Search field on the top right and typing in your name. Probably the search result will be zero. If so, your supervisor will need to put in a request to a Radiology Personnel Manager, asking that you be added to the Personnel listing and providing your Net ID (which is often but not always the same as the first part of your email address before the @ sign), and your Classification (Research, Administrative, etc.). At that point, a Personnel Manager can add you to Personnel.

Editing Basic, Contact, and Professional Information

 Basic Information Tab

  • UW NetID: this is the prefix of your work email [prefix], the characters which appear before the @ sign. 
  • Name and any honorary suffixes: fill these in as you’d like them to appear in your Radiology website listing.
  • Image: To add a photo of yourself, first put a copy of the photo in some folder on your computer where you can find it easily. In your Basic Information page, click Edit. Scroll down field #6, "Image." Click Browse. Find the folder containing your photo. Click to select the photo, and click Open. Save. Notice that on the website, even a full-size photo image will be automatically scaled down to a uniform size.
Note 1: If you ever replace a photo with another photo, you may see that the new photo saves at a strange size. All you need to do is Save to reload the page. (This may require a forced reload; see the FAQ "Refresh Page" for tips.) What happened is that the software used the pixels from your new photo, but still remembered the height of your old photo. Or something. Cris says it better.
Note 2: even after you upload the photo to your Personnel listing, and even after it is plainly in view there, you won't be able to copy the photo from My Folder to any other page in the website. That is because the photo does not exist as a separate entity. (You can check this by clicking Contents. The photo won't show there. By the way, clicking your browser back button will not, alas, show you your own page. Instead it will leave you at a large large table entitled "Radiology Personnel," and then you will have to search for your name all over again to open your page.) If you do want an extra copy on hand in your folder, Click on MyFolder. When the folder opens, you will be in View Mode. Notice the Action Bar at the top right:
  • To delete a photo of yourself from the website (say, for security reasons):
    •  Make sure that first you have a copy of it elsewhere or that you right-click the image and download a copy to a folder for safekeeping (that is, if you want a copy).
    • Opening Contents and searching for the photo won't work, because it's not there. Instead open your personal page, click Edit, scroll down to the image, and beneath it click the Delete radio button. Click Save. This should delete that particular photo automatically from all locations in the site. (Unless of course you uploaded the photo separately to the folder, and linked to that from other pages! In that case, delete it from Contents, then fix the links.)
Radiology Photos: By the way, there is a policy afoot to standardize the photos throughout the website. There is even a designated Med Center photo studio for this, which offers group sessions. You may well be invited to sit for a photo with members of your team. If so, you will get to choose from several photos on the spot; your selected photo will be sent to Web Services to posting, and a copy will be emailed to you. Tip: Please wear monotoned, dark, adequate clothing; the pictures come out much better.
  • Classifications: Your classification indicates what type of employee you are: staff, faculty, resident etc.  You are not able to set this property yourself.  If you notice that your classification is not correct, please contact Radiology Web Services at and we will put you in contact with the appropriate personnel manager.
  • Departments: This field controls the personnel listings you appear in throughout the website.  The name is a bit of a misnomer.  It ought to read 'Sections' more properly.  You can be in more than one.  You should be listed in each one that applies to you.  Again, you cannot edit this information yourself, but if you find that you are missing from a section you belong to, please contact Radiology Web Services at and we will put you in touch with the appropriate personnel manager.
  • Personal Assistants: Adding a personal assistant allows the named person or persons to edit your profile and access private contents in your personal folder.  To add someone, click the add button.  Wait for the menu of names to load (it takes a minute, we have a lot of personnel). Choose from the menu of names or simply enter a name in the Search box. If you are a faculty member filling out a PAR, this is where you can designate someone to be given access to help you update the PAR material for your approval. This person will then be able to log on to their own My Folder with their own id and password, and see the link to your PAR.
  • Change note: For your own reference, you can choose to add notes as a record of changes you made, and why.
  • Be sure to save your changes often!
  • To admire your work, choose Radiology Personnel at the top. Wait a minute (or two) for it to load. At the top, find the Faculty/Staff grouping that you chose for yourself when you filled in Classification. Click on the link for that group, and scroll down the alpha order list to find your name. The Read More About button, won’t open anything at this point but your original My Folder page. You might as well just get back there by clicking My Folder at the top. Then, Click Edit to keep working on the next section of your page.

 Contact Information Tab

MyFolder Contact Information
  • Fill in as much as you like about your work location. (Note: The Personnel section of the website is in public view and can be seen by anyone).
  • For the email, just add the work email where you wish to receive email notifications. For example, faculty who submit a PAR webform will receive an automatic email notification letting them know that the PAR has been submitted.
  • To view your changes, save and then click on the My Folder link. (If the changes don't appear, try clicking your Refresh button. In my Internet Explorer, that’s the button with two swimming green arrows, top right; in Mozilla Firefox, that’s the blue circular arrow at the top left).

Professional Info, and Your CV

This section offers more opportunity for descriptions and detail.

First, you can enter your positions or job titles, one per line:

MyFolder Professional Info

Below that is a text box Biography, a framed field where you can enter or copy free-form text content.

Linking to Your CV:

To create a link here to your resume, first upload it. Go to My Folder > View > Add New > MS Word Document (or else PDF Document). When the new page opens, type in a title, Save. You may choose to go to Contents, and make the resume Public.

Return to your personnel page, Edit > Professional Information (= 3rd tab). Scroll down to Biography. Type in a label such as “Click here for My CV dated 1.1.09.” Then highlight this phrase, and create an internal link to the CV in that folder, and Save.

Note: You will not be able to open and edit the CV once it is uploaded to your folder. That is because the uploaded CV will be in Read-Only format.

Note: Why not create a Related Items link? Because in Personnel, that option does not work.

Private Contact Information


You may store private contact information in the website using the Private Contact Information form.  This information will only be visible to logged-in members of the Department of Radiology.  Consider listing information here such as your pager number, a private email address for students or staff contact or anything else you want your fellow department members to know.