Global Navigation links

Request a Global Link for your page


  1. Log in, and open your destination page -- the one you would like people to find. 
  2. Set this page as the default view for its folder, the page that you want people to see first. That default page should now show a Contents tab. Click on that, and make sure you can see the contents of the folder. Why? We recommend that you link to a folder (with a cover page), not to a cover page alone. (That way even if you later replace the cover page with another, or remove it, your link will still work!) To return to the view of your cover page, click View, then Edit.
  3. Click on the 'Global Navigation' tab on the right of your green editing toolbar.  Your page will look like this: *
  4. global_nav
  5. From "Step 1: Choose a button..." Open the drop-down menu, and select the origin section where your link will appear to invite readers to your cover page.
  6. "Step 2": Choose the category where you wish your link to appear.
  7. Type a short, descriptive name for your link. Usually, this will match the name of the destination folder or destination cover page. This will serve to label the link that appears later in the navigation menu.
  8. Type a short, one-sentence description of the content which users will find when they click your link. When visitors hover a mouse over the new link, your description will appear as a "tool tip."
  9. Click "Add."
  10. If the global navigation add/remove form also has an orange box at the top of it (see below), then it means that one or more global navigation links already exist for that location. Look at the url in the message, open it, and check to see whether you still want the previous link to appear in its present location. This will prevent incorrect or superfluous links. If your page falls in to more than one category, you can create more than one navigation link.



Open the front page of the website, and check that your chosen origin spot, link label, short description, and destination folder are correct.  If you need to change anything, edit the link by repeating the steps above. Click 'edit' in the orange box like the one above.

The link will be visible to you. It will be available to website readers after it has been approved by Radiology Web Services. 

Meanwhile, at Radiology Web Services, we will receive an automatic email notification informing us that the link has been made. We will check the link to make sure that it is working correctly, then approve it for viewing. If for any reason the organization and content of the website is not able to accommodate your link, we will call you to explain why and to hear your reasons for creating it. For example, if it is a description of a faculty member's individual achievements or a specific award, the Biography section of My Folder is a perfect place for a link and description.

Requesting a Global Navigation link to an external website

The above instructions help you to make a link to a page inside the UW Radiology website.  But what if you wish to make a link to a page that isn't in our website?  Perhaps you have a scheduling tool or a calendar that is hosted on some other website and you wish to provide a convenient one-click link to it from our website.  The good news is that this is easy to do.  Just follow these easy steps to accomplish the task:

  1. Go to a page in the website that you own (one where you can see the green editing frame shown above)
  2. Click on the 'Global Navigation' tab, just as you would if you were requesting a link to that page.
  3. Follow the instructions from step 4-7 above to choose a menu button and a category in which to place your new link, give it a title and some help text.
  5. Fill in the form field for 'Link to content on an external site' with the URL of the resource to which you want a link.
  6. Now go ahead and press 'add'.  

As in the example from above, Web Services will receive notification of your request, and depending on our workload we should be able to publish the link right away.  The URL you provide in step 5 will over-ride the link to the specific page you are working from, and your new link will lead users directly to the external page you provide.  You can even use your own personal profile page as a starting point for this process if you do not have ownership of any other pages in the website.


Why We Use Global Navigation

Why do we need this for the Radiology web site? Because of the size of the site, its complexity, wealth of medical images, access and security features, and service to extremely diverse reader groups with so many specialized interests.

The more familiar and popular navigation systems, based on location in the site, can't give convenient access for a site this large.

Plone has one built-in system, but for our site UW Radiology Web Services has designed a secondary global navigation system.  Links in this navigation system can be viewed on any page in the site, by clicking on one of the buttons contained in the 'Information About' and 'Information For' tabs at the top of the left column.  If you are a content creator, and if you would like your section to have a link here, you can easily request one. Then visitors could click on the 'Global Navigation' tab for your section, and find a link to your section or page.