Order of items

In Plone, folders and Navigation menus reflect the actual order of contents on a page. If we change the contents, the listing sequence will adjust itself. When you first create an item, it will become the last item in Contents. But you can change item order easily.

Open your folder. (Or, open the section with the Navigation bar. Your choice.)

Look at the greenish edit frame above your page.

Click the Contents tab above on the left.

This shows a table of the items in the folder, or in the Nav bar on the left.

In the table, find the name of the item that you wish to move.

In the far right column “Order,” click and hold on the double-colon next to that item name. The entire line for that item will magically turn yellow.

Holding the mouse button down, drag to move the item up or down to the desired order in the menu. Then, once the item is at its desired location,

Unclick and release the mouse button while keeping your cursor in the Order column on the right so that the yellow stripe disappears! Otherwise the item will leave its new location and follow the mouse around. If you don't keep the cursor in the Order column, unclicking won't make the yellow stripe disappear. There is no Save for this function; it just happens.

Click the View tab (next to the Contents tab). The folder or Nav bar should show the new order. Do check this -- sometimes you'll have to repeat this.


Q: What if your new item is at the very bottom of a long long list of items? What if the item list takes up more than one screen? How do you drag it to the top then?

A: In Contents, underneath the list of items, you can click the link "Show all items" to change the view and put all items on one screen. Then scroll down to the last item, and drag to the top.