Logged-Out View Mode

Why would we need this? First, to see how your work will appear to public viewers without log-on privileges. Second, for speedier viewing and maneuvering around; our website performs faster when you view it outside of log-in mode. Here is a trick for moving in and out of log-in view without the fuss of quitting your browser.

When you log in to the website, the http:// changes to https://, as shown below:

https view

This https:// means that all communication between your browser and the website is encrypted for security. 

How do you step outside log-in mode? First Save any changes (otherwise they will disappear when you leave this page!) Place your cursor in the address bar of your browser, erase the 's' at the end of 'https', and then hit hit 'return.' The https:// will change to http://, and you will be in anonymous view. When you want to return to log-in view, click on 'log in' at the top right, or just re-type the s in the url.  

Note: When you step outside log-in mode, you are viewing the pages as if you were logged out.  You have not actually logged out.  To fully log out of the website (and out of any UW website which requires a net ID to log in) you must actually quit your browser and close out all of its open tabs!

Note: If you are in the middle of editing a page, be sure to click Save before you delete the s from the url! Deleting s is the same as leaving the page, and all of your edits will be lost if you don't Save.

Note again: This will not work if you are viewing an item which is in any State other than Public. If your item is in any other State, the website will obligingly give you log-out mode, but will then instantly log you in again, so that you can view the item!