Green Frame in Plone: Where is it?

When you log on and click on My Folder (top, right, next to your name), you should see the Green Edit Frame

Green Edit Frame


This is an avocado-colored bar that appears at the top of pages or folders. (It is not the same as the avocado-colored Kupu edit bar midway down the page; that's another discussion!) The green frame has tabs (Contents, View, Edit) and also tabs for Actions, State, and (when you view a folder) Display. When you log on to a page for which you have editing rights, the green frame should appear. Since every Department member has a My Folder page, the frame should definitely appear when you open your page in My Folder.

But what if even in My Folder you do not see this green frame?

  • Click Log In, at the top right. You may need to sign in with your UW net ID and password. If the frame still does not appear,
  • Check to make sure that Kupu has been selected as your default editing program. (If it has not, you will be able to open the page and see its html coding.) Click My Folder, then Click Edit. When the Edit Person page opens, click User Settings. Under Content Editor, select Kupu. Save. For a full explanation with screen shot, see this link . Setting this once should keep Kupu from now on.
  • This may be an access issue. Perhaps your name should have been added to a particular website section or committee. If you can not access a page or folder, but if you have been given responsibility for editing it, it's fine to  contact us and let us know about the problem.