MS Word Format Characters, Deleting

When I copy/paste MS Word text into a Plone text box and hit Save, what are the odd formatting characters that appear? What do they want from me? How do I make them go away?

In a word processing program such as MS Word, the appearance of the text is enhanced by hidden formatting symbols. If you typed a document in MS Word using formatting (bullets, bolding, italic, tabs, special fonts, etc.) you can copy and paste your MS text into Plone, and the text can paste in nicely and look fine -- until you hit Save. Then you will probably get a whole parade of odd formatting characters preceding the initial text of your document.

You can either prevent this, or fix it after the fact.

Prevent Superfluous Format Marks

You can launder out the format marks like this.

In your MSWord doc, highlight the text. Copy.

On your PC, look at the Start button on the very bottom left of your screen.

Start > Programs > Accessories.

Choose either Notepad or Wordpad. Either will work.

Open a new document.

Paste in your text.

Save (but don't close) to your desktop.

Now in Notepad or Wordpad, copy the text.

Open your web page in Plone. Edit.

Paste the Notepad or Wordpad text. Save.

(I have heard that you can also take your MSWord doc, Save As, and choose format ".txt," then paste from the txt file into Plone.)


Remove Superfluous Format Marks

In Plone, to take these marks out of a saved web page,

Edit. Find and memorize the first few words of your copied/pasted text.

In the Kupu edit bar, on its right side, click the hypertext word "HTML." In the big cascade of wild formatting codes, scroll down to the first words of your web page. (Probably right before that, you will see the html tag "ENDIF." This should mark the end of the format coding.) Delete all the characters that come before the first words of your page text. Save.