Default Cover Page for A Folder

Why Create a Cover Page at all?

Imagine that your folder is a beautifully made old-fashioned doll house, a cross-section with an open front wall and LOTS of rooms, each one filled with tiny furniture and treasures. Your visitors can see all the rooms at once, just as they can open your folder and see a long list of items. But they don't know which room (or item) contains the treasure that they might like to see most. They can rummage through all of the rooms looking, but that could take quite a while and might disturb the dolls.

Why not create a magic tour map with a clickable screen? You can hang it across the front of the house like a tapestry. A visitor can look at the map, choose a treasure, touch the screen, and voila! They find themselves in the exact room, looking at the right treasure. For your tour map you can choose structure and content which does not hide your doll house, but instead ushers people right in and welcomes them to the spot where they choose to go.

To create that, you can choose a page from your folder, and designate it as your new cover page.

Big Plus: Creating a cover page will give you practice at recognizing a cover page in someone else's section, or in a part of your section edited by someone else. These pages can behave in a puzzling way until you know the secret -- by creating a pet page of your own. Once you know how these pages work, the unique behavior and special prompts which accompany cover pages will become more logical and clear.

How To:

Create New default page

If your folder does not have a page that can serve as a default page,
First create a page (not a form, not a folder, nothing but a page) to serve as the cover. Put it in your folder.
In the folder, click Contents.
In the green Plone frame, to the upper right of your folder title, click the Display tab.
In the drop-down menu, click “Change content item as default view.”
Select Default page will open, with the message “Please select item which will be displayed as the default page of the folder.”
In the list of folder items, find your cover page and click its radio button.
Scroll down. Click Save. You’re done.
This will open your cover page.

But, that is only the surface of things. In reality you are looking at not only the cover page, but at the cover page as an overlay to the entire folder. 
You can test this.

  1. Is there a Contents tab at the top? There should be. A real page does not have a Contents tab! But a page covering a folder does.
  2. Click Edit. Beneath the green Plone edit frame you will see the message “Edit Page.” But right under that you will also get the enigmatic message “You are editing the default view of a container. If you wanted to edit the container itself, go here.” In English, that means “You are editing only the cover page of a folder. If you wanted to edit the folder itself (ie, to change the folder’s name or privacy state), click here.” (If you do click the “go here” link, it will show you the folder without the cover page.)
  3. Click Contents. This should show you the items in your folder, with a change: the title of the new cover page will be in boldface type.
  4. Click Display. The title of your page will show as a bulleted item in the dropdown menu.

Replace a default page

(with a different default page in the same folder).
In the drop-down menu, click “Change content item as default view.”
Select Default page will open, with the message “Please select item which will be displayed as the default page of the folder.”

(This assumes that your folder does contain a real page. If not, you will need to create a page first. Choosing an image or an uploaded MS document or a collection or any other type of item will not work.)
In the list of folder items, the current default page will have a black selected radio button.
Find your preferred cover page, the one that you wish to use from now on, and click its radio button.
Scroll down. Click Save.

Remove the default page...

(Or, to remove the default designation from a folder entirely, and leave the folder with no page designated as the default.)
Click Display (it should show the current default page as a bulleted item).
Choose Tabular view.
Tabular view looks like Contents. (But the items won’t have checkmark boxes, and the 5 function buttons won’t appear at the bottom.)
This clears your preference for which page serves as the default; none of the item titles should show in boldface type. If you click display again, the bulleted item will be “Tabular,” not the former default page.
(To remove a default page selection, you needn’t choose Tabular. Any view in Display will work.)


Linking Tip

When you go to other pages or website sections and you'd like to create internal links or related item links pointing to your cover page, make sure that all the links point to the folder -- not to your default page!

That way the links will stay active and relevant, no matter how often you change pages to Private, or move them to some other folder, or delete them. If you create links to the folder itself, readers will still land on whatever cover page you choose to put there.