Definition of Terms in the User Interface

The UW Radiology website uses Plone, a powerful open-source content management system.

Plone is flexible and comes with many features for handling enterprise-level content needs.  It is a straightforward system to use, but a bit daunting to learn. Here are definitions for common features on the website.  Once you become familiar with these terms, it will be easier to communicate problems to our tech support team at UW Radiology Web Services .

The Green Edit Frame

This avocado-colored bar appears at the top of pages or folders. It has tabs above and to the left (Contents, View, Edit). It can also show options on the right (Actions, Display, Add New...). If you log in, open a page, and do not see this green frame, then it is possible that you are not on a list of editors with access to that page. If you are assigned this responsibility but can not access a page or folder, it's fine to contact us and let us know about the problem.

Edit Frame Tabs

When a tab is highlighted (that is, when it appears green), that means you are currently in that mode. To change modes, click on some other tab.


When will this tab appear? Only when you view an object which contains other items. (For example, it appears when you open a folder which contains pages and/or subfolders. But it does not appear when you open an individual page.) Clicking this tab will show you a table with a list of the entire contents of the current folder, including items which are not visible on the navigation menu or in the Search system.


This is the default mode when you first open a page, and after you click Save to make a change. Clicking on this tab will allow you to see what other users will see when they land on that particular page.


Clicking on this tab will allow you to the edit the page you are currently in. When you open a file (e.g. PDF, Word, Excel), Edit will allow you to change the title of the document and/or upload a new document to replace the one that is already posted.


This allows you access to Plone's versioning system. Each time you edit an item, the History keeps copies of previous versions. Click History to view previous versions of an object. This lets you compare any two consecutive versions to see how the two differ. If you make a new version and then decide to revert to an older version instead, you can re-post a previous version.


The Sharing tab allows you to grant privileges to individual users or groups for content you control.  You may allow people to 'Add', 'Edit', 'View' and 'Review' your content.  Due to the security implications of this ability, please contact UW Radiology Web Services if you require additional help with this tab.