Advanced Tips and Random Mysteries

In Contents, if you click a default page and get the error message
"We're sorry, but there seems to be an error…"
On the error message page, go to the url and delete the tail, </folder_contents>
This should open the page.
(Next time you could avoid this by choosing View instead.)
Why does this happen?
Plone is being overly obedient here and tripping over its feet. Once you register a preference for being in Contents mode, then when you open the default page Plone will try (and try) to open it as an item which has a Contents mode! An error messages appears if the item serving as a default “page” happens to be, say, a “smart folder” (commonly known as a Collection), which in this case is trying to behave like a page and will not have a Contents tab.


Internet Explorer 8

If clicking a link in the left-hand menu gets you no menu list, and does get you an extended sitemap at the bottom of the page, this means that IE-8 is not connecting properly with JavaScript. Click the IE-8 compatibility icon (top right, looks like a torn page with a green line through it) to make IE-8 behave like IE-7. This will give you the proper view. The problem happens only with version 8. Only 5% of our readers use this version, so it hasn’t come up much. The wrong view will also happen if a viewer has gone to browser settings and has disabled JavaScript (not Java, but JavaScript).


Lock Icon

A content creator created an external link to another site, but after hitting Save noticed that the new link showed a Lock icon, rather than the usual World icon. Reason: The Lock icon is there because the link points to a secured resource.  The url of the link’s destination page starts with 'https' rather than 'http'. Solution: Click Edit, and replace the link url destination with http: rather than https: (In other words, just delete the “s” from the link url.) If the destination page requires a log-in of some kind, or it may not. But at least this way our website page will show the correct type of link icon.


Search, Live
In the Search field at the top right, when you start to type in a search term a preliminary list of potential links will appear, extending below (and falling behind) the view of the green Plone edit frame and covering some website content on the right. This is Live Search, a Plone option. These ghost results will vanish as soon as you finish typing the term and either hit Enter, or click the Search button. Then a new page will open, with a full display of your links.
Why the ghost display?
It is giving you a way to glance at links and choose them without the trouble of typing in the whole term, OR to catch an error in case what you are typing is not what you want, and also to give you the Advanced Search option appearing as a link in the ghost page.
Cris wants to perfect a way to relocate the mirage so that it does not cover the page contents, but that’s a time intensive code project and is on the long-term to do list.

With Cris's help, Mary will add tips here as she trips over them herself. 10.13.09