The Department of Radiology can support J1 and H1-B visas for new faculty and fellowship appointments within the following guidelines:

  • Fellowships in ACGME-accredited training programs can only be supported by ECFMG-sponsored J-1 visas unless the Fellow candidate is transferring to the UW department of Radiology from another UW department or from outside of the UW with a pre-existing H-visa.   In such a circumstance, the prospective fellow would need to hold ECFMG certification and have completed all three steps of the USMLE in order for the UW department of Radiology to support an H1-visa petition.
  • For non-ACGME accredited training programs, visiting or acting appointments, the UW department of Radiology can support J-1 or H-1B1 visas for eligible new appointees.
  • The UW department of Radiology can support green card petitions for eligible, foreign-trained, permanent UW faculty, provided they possess adequate time remaining in H-1B1 visa status. 
  • As a matter of policy, the UW cannot support any employment-based visa petition for which the CIS premium processing fee is paid (regardless of whether this fee is paid by the University or by the beneficiary).  For this reason, it is imperative that the faculty member respond to all requests for information and documentation relating to a UW visa petition as soon as is possible.  Once a petition for H-1B1 visa status is submitted by the UW department of Radiology to the CIS it can take three to six months (in extreme cases) for approval to occur. 
  • As noted above, a delay in credentials or an appropriate visa may result in delay in being added to the UW payroll and revision of the start work date for the new appointment.
  • A visa petition sponsored by the UW department of Radiology can be initiated once an official faculty appointment offer and acceptance take place.


For detailed information on H1-B visa refer to the policy effective January 2011.