When hospital credentials are required in the new appointment, we initiate the process by requesting credentials from the UW Office of Medical Staff Appointments (OMSA) on behalf of the new appointee.

Please note that the credentialing process can require 90 to 120 days for completion, so it is imperative that you promptly respond to OMSA once they e-mail the credentialing application and request for documentation to any given new appointee.

Peer reference letters are required by OMSA in addition to the appointment letters of support requested by the faculty appointments desk.  Between credentialing and the new appointments process, there is some duplication of forms required.  This is due to each department requiring original dated signatures on certain completed forms (e.g., criminal conviction history and state patrol forms).  Credentials must be approved prior to the start work date in order to ensure that new appointees can be added to the department payroll.