HMC Vacation Policy and Procedure

  1. After HMC administrative staff receives a vacation request from Alex Nelson, it must be forwarded to the appropriate person granting approval within 24 hours. If Daniel is absent, an appropriate representative must be available to process requests.
  2. Up to 5 days vacation is allowed on ED days rotation.
  3. Only one resident or fellow off a service at a time. Note: Neuro and Spine are considered one service
  4. 30 vacation day cap per rotation
  5. No more than 1 week vacation from any service
  6. Vacation requests during blackout dates or at ANY other time may be appealed by the resident through the Associate Residency Director at the site (HMC is Michelle Bittle.)
  7. "Blackout" days are the same as at other sites:
  • RSNA meeting
  • AUR meeting
  • ARRS meeting
  • ABR written physics exam
  • ABR written boards exams
  • date of R2 practical is "blackout" for R2's only
  • date of R4 practical is "blackout" for R4's only

Individual services may have specific restrictions due to society meetings.