Research Promotion Criteria

University of Washington
Department of Radiology

Guidelines for Appointments and Promotions
Research Pathway


Radiology research faculty will be permitted and generally expected to conduct independent research programs. Research Professorial pathway appointments will be distinguished from Professorial pathway appointments by absence of expected teaching responsibility, although research faculty will be permitted to contribute to teaching activities to the extent that time and interest permit.

Research Professor:

Appointment or promotion to the rank of Research Professor requires outstanding and currently active mature scholarship of the type described for Research Associate Professor, but sufficient to command a national reputation for research and related scholarly contributions. National recognition may be documented by peer evaluation, by such things as participation on editorial boards, study sections, invitations to speak at meetings, symposia or other institutions, or by special honors, awards or other recognitions.

Research Associate Professor:

Appointment or promotion to the rank of Research Associate Professor requires a record of substantial success in research as marked by the development of new knowledge and its publication in refereed journals. Other scholarly contributions such as texts, chapters and reviews and any teaching, administrative or other service functions may contribute to qualification.

Research Assistant Professor:

Appointment to the rank of Research Assistant Professor requires a doctoral degree (M.D., Ph.D., M.D./ Ph.D.) and a period of postdoctoral research experience.