PhD Regular Promotion Criteria

University of Washington
Department of Radiology

Guidelines for Appointments and Promotions
Ph.D. / Regular Faculty


The Department of Radiology at the University of Washington expects all members to participate in the teaching, research and administrative functions of the Department. Ph.D. Regular Faculty members have a high requirement for research and instruction and are assigned to research activities for a majority of their time. They have the remaining time available for instruction, educational program development and service. The guidelines detailed below should be applied to department members within the context of these variable time restrictions for research and teaching.


Qualification for the rank of Professor is distinguished by national or international reputation in Radiology or radiologic science. Evidence of such recognition includes:


  • Mature scholarship with significant original publications in appropriate specialty journals, editorship and/ or authorship of major texts, extramurally funded research.
  • A continuing and productive teaching/ research program with potential mentorship of junior colleagues.
  • Significant permanent and lasting contributions to the field of radiology and associated sciences.
  • Seniority and offices in national professional organizations or participation on editorial boards.

Associate Professor:

Qualification for the rank of Associate Professor shall be distinguished by national or regional reputation in an established area of expertise in Radiology or radiologic science. Qualifications and evidence of such recognition include:

  • Independent scholarship with original publications in appropriate specialty journals. Scholarly contribution through basic or clinical research, development of new educational programs and techniques which have been published in peer-reviewed scientific publications.
    Recognition by the regional and national academic community as evidenced by scientific presentations at national and regional meetings, visiting professorships and invited lectureships in accredited instructional courses.
  • Active and innovative teaching of medical students, graduate students and residents, such as participation as Thesis Director or member of Graduate Thesis Committee.
  • Creative and active member of the University and department committees and educational efforts.
  • Demonstration of excellence as evidenced by introduction of new methods and techniques or establishment of innovative research.
  • High likelihood of continued scholarly growth and productivity.
  • Developing mentorship as evidenced by guidance of younger colleagues for growth in research, teaching and publication.


Assistant Professor:

Qualification for the rank of Assistant Professor includes:

  • Ph.D. Degree or equivalent degree.
  • Demonstrated commitment to academic radiology and associated sciences with likelihood of future success and growth in the field as evidenced by scholarly publications, presentations at local regional meetings, formulation and initiation of research and educational projects.