Courtesy - Clinical Promotion Criteria

University of Washington
Department of Radiology

Guidelines for Appointment and Promotion
of Courtesy-Clinical Faculty



Department of Radiology clinical faculty appointments are made based on potential for significant and ongoing contributions to the teaching, research, patient care or administrative programs of the department. Board certification (or an equivalent recognition) will be required for the appointment. In rare circumstances, because of unusual qualifications or experiences, the requirement for board certification or equivalent may be waived.

Clinical faculty appointments are renewed annually as provided in the University of Washington Faculty Code, on the basis of continued involvement in the relevant activities of the department. At the time of initial appointment, the specific scope of responsibilities will be established by mutual agreement between the clinical faculty member and the department, and documented in writing (e.g., as a letter of understanding). Such responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, regular and substantive involvement in the department’s activities. These mutually agreed upon responsibilities will be reviewed annually and, if necessary, updated in writing to form the basis for renewal or non-renewal of the clinical faculty appointment. Promotion decisions will be made upon the quantity and quality of an individual’s contributions to the academic missions of the department. Time and rank alone are not sufficient for promotion.

Clinical Instructor:

A minimum expectation of regular and ongoing contributions to the Department’s activities is necessary for appointment as a Clinical Instructor. Promotion beyond Clinical Instructor will depend on meeting the criteria for Clinical Assistant Professor.

Clinical Assistant Professor:

Appointment to the rank of Clinical Assistant Professor will require sustained and substantial involvement in the mission of the Department and in the School of Medicine, which exceeds the expectations for Clinical Instructor.

Clinical Associate Professor:

The rank of Clinical Associate Professor is reserved for those who have made high quality contributions of a substantive nature to the mission of the Department and to the School over a prolonged period of time. Scholarly contributions to the literature will be considered but are not required at this rank.

Clinical Professor:

Appointment or promotion to the rank of Clinical Professor is based on national or international recognition as a leader in Radiology or its associated sciences as evidenced by accomplishments in teaching, scholarly publications, or service in national or international professional societies. Distinguished and substantial professional activities in teaching, patient care, service to the community and/or region over an extended period of time and dedication to the programs of the Department and the School will be considered in exceptional cases.


Emeritus status will be considered for a Clinical Faculty Member who has retired from clinical activities and whose scholarly teaching or service record has been highly meritorious. Emeritus appointments will be reserved for those clinical faculty members who have made sustained and substantial contributions to the missions of the Department and of the School. This appointment requires at least ten years of prior service and achievement at the rank of Clinical Professor or Clinical Associate Professor.