Available Courses:

RADGY 694 – Introduction to Diagnostic Radiology with Clinical Rotations

Offered: A, W, S – 4 weeks (8 credits)

Instructor: Reddy

Prerequisites:  Third year medical student standing

Full-time clerkship provides an in-depth experience in diagnostic radiology, including intervention radiology and nuclear medicine. Clinical rotations in subspecialty areas of radiology augment a didactic series of lectures and case discussions.

Enrollment: 20 students per block

Course # 695 - Radiology Sub-Specialty Elective

Offered: A, W, S, S – 2 weeks (4 credits); Interventional Radiology ONLY 4 weeks (8 credits)

Instructor: Reddy

Prerequisites: permission of sub-specialty

Full-time clerkship provides an in-depth clinical experience in a specific facet of radiology. Students spend time in one radiology specialty; options include Body CT, Body MRI, Ultrasound, Chest, GI/GU, Neuro, Nuclear Medicine, Emergency, Musculoskeletal, and Interventional Radiology.

Enrollment: 2 students per block

RADGY 696 P-Nuclear Medicine Clerkship (*, max. 12)

This clerkship consists of daily participation in the activities of the Nuclear Medicine clinic at the University of Washington Medical Center.  This includes the technical performance, and diagnostic interpretation of nuclear medicine imaging studies (planar scintigraphy, SPECT/CT, PET/CT).  Also emphasized is the integration of this diagnostic information together with other imaging studies (MRI, CT, plain films), with type and timing of treatments, and with biomarker levels for a more comprehensive patient assessment.  Nuclear Medicine scans cover a wide array of disorders including cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurologic disorders, pulmonary, GI, GU, osseous and endocrine diseases.  Other activities observed by the student will include an array of therapeutic Nuclear Medicine procedures using radiopharmaceuticals to treat bone pain, metastatic bone disease, hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer and certain hematologic malignancies.  The student will participate in these activities alongside Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Radiology residents and faculty physicians.  The student will attend the five hours of weekly lectures and clinical case conferences organized for the residents.  Four-week clerkships are the usual duration. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Offered:  AWSpS.

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