Contrast in Renal Disease

MRI Contrast Guidelines:

Here is the currently recommended UWMC/Roosevelt/SCCA protocol (Rev 8/9/2007) for Gad in setting of renal failure:

Download: GadinRenalImpairment080907.pdf View: Gad in Renal Impairment

Use of Gadolinium for MR Imaging at UW/HMC (11/2008)

Download the Word file: Use of Gadolinium for MR Imaging.UW.HMC

Other Reading:

Download ReducingContrastRisk.2.1.2006.doc View Reducing Contrast Risk

Download Creat.Clear.Protocol.4.10.2006.doc View Creatinine Clearance Protocol

Download Creat.RiskNephrotox.1.2006.doc View Creatinine Risk Nephrotoxicity

Download SerumCreat.Clear.2.8.2006 View Serum Creatinine Clearance

Download ProtocolGadDialysis.121206.doc View Protocol Gad Dialysis

Clearer CT guidelines (same at UWMC and HMC) are now available:

Renal Impairment: What to do for patients receiving iodinated contrast