Original, evidence-based research is a signature of the UW Breast Imaging group. Our faculty, fellows, residents, and research staff collaborate with each other and with external colleagues to study new imaging technologies, cost-effectiveness in health care, global health issues, and improving access to breast care for underserved populations. Our faculty members are recipients of prestigious scientific awards from RSNA, ARRS, AUR, ACRIN, and the American Cancer Society, among others.



Some breast imaging clinical trials may be appropriate for some of our patients:


  • STAR study – This study is investigating whether automated whole breast ultrasound can improve detection of cancer in breast cancer screening when used as a supplement to mammography or as a supplement to digital breast tomosynthesis.



  • ACRIN 6698 (A sub-study of I-SPY 2 TRIAL) - The objective of this study is to determine if diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging is effective for measuring breast tumor response to neoadjuvant treatment.  This study is a sub-study of I-SPY 2, an investigation of serial breast imaging studies to predict therapeutic response with imaging and molecular analysis.




Our faculty is committed to sharing our research through publications in a variety of peer-reviewed academic journals. Here is a selection of key and recent publications from our team:


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