Case 13 Answer 3

BI-RADS 0, Recommend additional imaging - targeted breast ultrasoud. An ultrasound is recommended to evaluate the asymmetry the first time it is seen. Cancer can look like normal breast tissue on mammography. However, ultrasound will usually demonstrate suspicious features such as a mass or acoustic shadowing. If the ultrasound is negative, and this is the patient's baseline exam, then our final assessment can be

BI-RADS 3, Probably Benign. In this case, we know this Focal Asymmetry is one of the unusual ones that turn out to be cancer. But, if we had identified this as a FA 4 years ago, then the proper classification would have been Probably Benign. A six-month follow-up mammogram would likely have shown progression, and a biopsy could have been performed at that time.

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